This page gives you advice on creating an Ancestry Account if you are employing a genealogist to research your tree.

If you want your Family Tree on Ancestry but you don’t want to spend any money on having an Ancestry account, ever

Your genealogist can build your family tree on their account (which gives them access to all Ancestry’s records). When they complete your research package you can:

  • Create a Free Registered Guest User account on Ancestry
  • EITHER your genealogist can provide a gedcom data file which you can upload to your account.
  • OR you can invite your genealogist to access your account with full editing rights so they can upload the gedcom data file to your account for you.

Note that if you choose this option and you wanted your genealogist to continue working on your tree at a later date, they would be able to upload any new research to your tree, but it would not be merged with anything you had added to the previous tree.

If you want to have a subscription Ancestry account afterwards, so you can continue research on your own with access to all Ancestry’s records

You’ll need to create a subscription account (starting with a Free two week trial if you wish) and invite your genealogist to your account as a manager.

  • Our genealogist will do your research and build your tree directly onto YOUR account
  • This allows you to collaborate (e.g. adding facts yourself)
  • This also allows you to see your tree as it is built.

You will definitely need at least an “All UK” premium account and you may need a Worldwide account if you have ancestors in more than one country.
If you choose this option you can downgrade to Free Registered User access at any time.

Other options available with both choices

• You can optionally attach a DNA test to your account
• You can specify your genealogist as the DNA manager
• You can remove your genealogist as a tree manager or DNA manager at any time.