We’re delighted to share this list of websites and apps where you can create family tree prints and posters, or have them created for you. Of course we had to include Twiggli! But if you’re looking for something different there are lots of other styles to consider here. We’ll be looking at some hand drawn family trees in another post. If you’re looking for ways to preserve your family photos and memories, check out this post instead.


Twiggli is a website where for ONLY £10 you can upload your gedcom file and quickly (from a few minutes to a few hours) customise and generate an amazing family tree poster. Your tree will include names, birth dates and places, death dates and places, and occupations. Your family tree is created as a downloadable, printable, A1 sized pdf file which you can share digitally or have printed professionally. A research service is available if you do not have a gedcom file.

Family Tree Prints

Family Tree Prints – This website allows you to create a range of fantastic custom family trees. The designs are crisp and clean, graphics led, modern, and geometric. Like Twiggli, Family Tree Prints offer downloadable files to give you the flexibility to choose a printing option to suit your budget and personal tastes. You can import data to your tree direct from FamilySearch, or upload a gedcom file. Family trees currently cost $24.95 per download.

Family Ancestrees

Family Ancestrees offers a very striking range of family tree posters. Pedigree trees start at $150. You supply your gedcom, and Family Ancestrees does all the work to turn your gedcom into a poster featuring your family photo(s) in the background and up to seven generations of parental family history. There is a research service available if required, specialising in Quebec. Family Ancestrees is run by Sue Sullivan, aka the ‘Graphic Genealogist’, and is based in British Columbia, Canada.

Family Chart Masters

Family Chart Masters invites you to send in your computer file for a free consultation and their professionals will send back ideas and options for printing a chart from simple trees, to complex oversized charts for family reunions. There is a gallery on their website with a wide range of design options. You can preview the finished chart online, and it is printed for you on archival quality paper. Prices range from $24.95 to $349.95. Family Chart Masters are based in Utah.


MyCanvas is partnered with Ancestry. On the website you can auto-fill your data by linking MyCanvas to your account on Ancestry. If you do not have an Ancestry account, you can build your poster with MyCanvas templates. The automated process generates a basic chart which has from three to nine generations. You then manually add photos, edit text, and change backgrounds. The resulting trees are supplied as frame-ready posters, printed on photographic, archival-quality paper. Prices for a standard pedigree chart range from $19.95 for five generations to $39.95 for nine generations.

Genealogy Wall Charts / TreeSeek

Genalogy Wall Charts is partnered with FamilySearch. Data for your chart can be automatically gathered from FamilySearch, or there is an option to upload a gedcom file instead of linking to FamilySearch. There are some differences between Genealogy Wall Charts and TreeSeek, so you should check both for the best pricing and latest deals. For example, a digital poster is currently free on TreeSeek but starts at $5 on Genealogy Wall Charts. Printed tree prices on Genealogy Wall Charts range from $9 to $45 with free shipping in the USA. You can create up to 13 generation fans, and all fan charts have options where you can color code your ancestors by country, with a pie graph showing what percentage of your ancestors come from each country.

My History

On the MyHistory website you start by visiting the Gallery and chosing from a range of Ancestor, Pedigree, Descendant, Hourglass and All Relatives layouts. After picking a layout you upload your gedcom. MyHistory will then create the chart for you to check and proof read before ordering. Your chart is supplied printed and rolled. MyHistory is based in Doncaster in the UK. Charts are created with Family Historian.


If you’re looking for something really different, GeniArts offers a really unusual selection of art print style family trees, with themes ranging from fishes and books to galaxies and Star Wars. The content is customisable. GeniArts is based in Brussels.